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Your first look at my website will reveal what facets of the local real estate market I specialize in. You may be the discriminating buyer who wants to live in a gated golf course community or a luxurious waterfront estate. Conversely, you may be looking to downsize and are now seeking an agent to facilitate the process. I’m happy to provide staging for anything you need to sell. First-time buyers will be glad to know I’ve helped many find single-family housing, townhouses, and condominiums, many of which are found near the area’s top schools. Whatever you want, I’m happy to help!

Learn what Lynn Gardner, real estate agent, can do for you. Many of my clients are buyers. This includes those looking to purchase a residence for their families, as well as investors who seek a means by which to profit on the local market. Whatever you want, I can put a plan into place that’ll help you find yourself in the perfect spot. Let me help you determine what your budget is while granting you access to browsing tools that’ll point you in the direction of houses you’ll be genuinely interested in. Even investors won’t be let down upon seeing the experience I have working with like-minded folks.

I’ve given my clients who wish to sell their homes and income properties every conceivable advantage. Don’t do a FSBO. For-sale-by-owner deals don’t yield the results that people want, and they generally end up with a lower payday that takes longer to achieve. Get an agent who’ll price your house to sell, accurately and competitively alike. I’ll offer tips for staging and where best to advertise the house that you’ll be selling. It’s time for something worth getting excited about as a seller. Call me today, and I’ll tell you how I’ll handle all negotiations, bringing you where you want to go without failure or delay!